Project Overview

The proposal

ACE Power and Osaka Gas Energy Oceania (OGEO) are pursuing development approval for the proposed Forbes Solar Farm and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) on a site located 10 km north of Forbes and 21 km southwest of Parkes NSW.

The proposal is in the initial stages of the State Significant Development (SSD) application process, where discussions and input from the community are collected to help inform the Scoping Report.

The development footprint is RU1 (Primary Production) under the Forbes Local Environmental Plan 2013.

The proposed Solar Farm and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) would be located on approximately 354 hectares (ha) of private land, with the Solar Farm having an approximate capacity of 166 megawatts (MWdc), and the BESS being 120MW (up to 8 hours). The Solar Farm would connect directly to the National Energy Market by tying into the existing 132 kV high voltage powerline traversing the land.

Construction and operation of the project would involve the following key components:

The project would also include operations and maintenance (O&M) buildings, offices, staff amenities and parking, site office and amenities for operational use.

Proposal benefits

The Forbes Solar Farm has a capital investment value of more than $350 million and is therefore deemed a State Significant Development (SSD). It would bring significant investment to the local area during construction and would create jobs, diversify income and increase revenue in local service providers such as food, fuel, and accommodation operators in the local area.

Once the project is operational, benefits would continue with long-term jobs, ongoing operations and maintenance contracts and the establishment of community benefit schemes.

The Proposal would also significantly contribute towards the NSW Government’s aim of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. It will provide a clean energy supply for the NSW energy grid, providing stable, sustainable energy for the future.

Who is ACE Power?

Sydney-based ACE Power, in partnership with Osaka Gas Energy Oceania Pty Ltd, are experts across the entire lifecycle of renewable energy projects, accelerating the transition of Australia’s electricity network with clean, reliable energy. Leveraging decades of industry expertise, ACE Power is actively shaping Australia's electricity network through the development of multiple renewable projects, both within Australia and internationally. This includes a pipeline comprising of 17 wind farms, seven solar farms, and seven battery energy storage systems.

With a strong focus on collaboration with local communities, ACE Power is poised for further growth, currently in the initial stages of developing a pipeline exceeding 7GWp of additional renewable energy projects across regional areas in Australia. For more information, please visit ACE Power's website.

Who is Osaka Gas Energy Oceania Pty Ltd?

Osaka Gas Energy Pty Ltd (OGEO) is an Australian company that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Osaka Gas Co. Ltd (OG). Established in 2009, OGEO houses OG’s Australian investments in energy infrastructure, renewables, and decarbonisation assets. OGEO strives to contribute to achieving low carbon/carbon neutral global targets in the communities in which it operates. For more information, please visit OGEDO's website.

Who is NGH?

NGH is a leading Australian environmental, planning and advisory consultancy guiding Australia towards a more sustainable tomorrow. For over 30 years, NGH has been passionate about the environment and has extensive experience when it comes to the renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure sector.

NGH will be undertaking the independent technical assessments and required reporting associated with the SSD process. You can read more on NGH here.

Community drop-in sessions

Thank you to those who attended the Community Information Session on Tuesday the 27th of February 2024, or made the time to speak with us. There will be more opportunities to attend another Community Information Session in the near future.

If you would like to keep up-to-date with information about the proposal, including opportunities to attend the information session, please email us at

  • Scoping Report

    A Scoping Report is an initial step in the State Significant Development (SSD) process that outlines for the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure (DPHI) a description of the Proposal and an early indication on considerations such as community views. 

  • Secretary Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARS)

    SEARs are issued by the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure (DPHI) in response to a Scoping Report, and specify what issues need to be addressed in the project’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).   

  • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

    The objective of an EIS is to outline how a proposed project may affect various factors (such as environment, cultural heritage, social etc.) and allows DPHI to assess the viability of a project. 

  • Public Exhibition

    Once the EIS is submitted, it is placed on public exhibition for 28 days for community and agency comment.

  • Response to submissions

    Following the exhibition period, the developer responds to all of the submission items via a Response to Submissions Report. 

  • Determination

    Following the response to submissions report, DPHI will make a determination on the Proposal, and will either approve or deny it.